Cartel IT Solutions  
" We believe in long term relationships
and that our growth is directly related to
the growth of our clients. Our knowledge and our commitment makes expectations
become reality."


We believe in investing time and efforts upfront, which we call as ‘presales business process study' , to understand client's business process, thresholds, flashpoints and also to establish costs that are attached to those elements, which effects his return on investments. These costs become the benchmark against evaluation of the ROI, they would make toward implementing a suitable business solution.

Cartel IT Solutions handholds in all stages of the implementation including training and after sales support. We work by adopting a well thought-through and defined implementation plan that focuses to enable the enterprise, in optimizing its resources, to derive highest returns.

The entire lifecycle of performing the business process study to the time we implement the solution, following by training and support, is consultative and process driven.

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